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Printing Solutions to Suit Your Business

Procuring print for your business can be time consuming, requires a clear understanding of print processes and where and how to procure to receive the level of quality and value your business needs. At Excel we manage our client’s print requirements across the following product characteristics:

Offset Lithographic Printing (Litho Printing)

This type of printing is used for the larger jobs where leaflets, brochures or letterheads are printed in 10’s of thousands. The printing process is more cost-effective when compared to digital print. Litho printing requires a plate to be produced, usually made of aluminium, for each layer of colour (CMYBk). This would result in an up-front cost and a cost that you wouldn’t get with digital printing but the volume of print ultimately delivers a cost-saving.

The Litho Printing process can be used to print on to wood, fabric and canvass and is most commonly used for printing books, printing brochures and printing letterheads.

The plates are transferred (known as ‘Offset) onto rollers after which the image can be transferred onto what ever media you require (usually paper). As the media doesn’t actually come in contact with the plates the quality of the plates can be maintained allowing them to be reused for future repeat jobs.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing format is ideal for shorter runs. We are all used to being able to print to our printers in the office or at home. This process is similar but obviously geared for higher volumes and large paper sizes (Large Format). Digital Printing does not require a plate to be created and you have the opportunity to individualise each page. This is often achieved through a ‘Mail Merge’ process. Digital Printing is a great way to get personalised material into the hands of your customer.

Often used for printing posters and signage, labels, newsletters, menus and letterheads. Digital Printing allows for a quick turnaround and allows ‘print on demand’ with minimal stock holding.

Large Format

Large Format Printing is used to print billboards, posters and vinyl banners, wallpapers, floor graphics etc.

Rolls of paper or vinyl are used with Large Format Printing creating impactful banners to advertise your business or events.



Colours can be matched to a pantone reference with Litho Printing enabling consistency of brand.

Flexography Printing

A printing technique commonly used for printing on uneven surfaces using quick-drying inks and semi-liquid inks. This technique is ideal for printing on to packaging and labels with high volume runs. The flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around rotating cylinders are rotated at high speeds transferring the image onto the print media.

Screen Printing

The technique of Screen Printing involves the transfer of an image onto another material using a mesh or fine material. The mesh is stretched over the product creating a screen and ink is pressed against it to transfer the image.

Screen Printing is used in printing graphics and logos onto clothes, fabric banners, posters, paper, ceramics and metal.

See our promotional products site for ideas to promote your


There are many techniques and enhancements that can make your finished product stand out such as Embossing and Spot UV, together with several different types of binding.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Print Requirements

No matter how big or small your print requirements are, we are confident we can help and provide you with the quality and value you need in your business. Email us on or call us on 0345 6460966 and ask to speak with the Print Team.

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