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Introducing Smart Procurement

If you are responsible for managing the budget for your departments, offices and home-workers up and down the country you need a trusted system and to work with a supplier who has your best interest at heart. In 2014 Excel won a national High Street bank contract to supply facilities products to each store as well as general office supplies to the head office and regional offices. Prior to working with Excel the Bank was spending more than £20k per month on their office supplies and facilities supplies to all their stores. Six years on and having trebled in size their monthly spend is still considerably below that figure. So how has this been achieved?

Restricted Catalogue 

Excel introduced restricted catalogue visibility. Where as most may argue that this restricted our own up-sell opportunities the reality is that it is one part of the service which has galvanised the relationship and probably the biggest factor in reducing spend for our customers. Why have 39 staplers to choose from when you need just one which has been agreed and on the contract? This controls the products being purchased by your team with the flexibility to add and remove items centrally to suit your business.

Order Authorisation

We have introduced automated ordering authorisation parameters. Once in place this removes the burden from our customers in having to control spending. Order limits can be set per store or cost centre with alerts going to management when necessary. This has contributed to a reduction in customer spend and reduced customer costs of having to otherwise manage and monitor the process.

One-Stop Solution 

We can create an ordering portal for your business and include all the items you need for your organisaion. This includes office supplies, catering supplies, cleaning supplies, janitorial supplies, toner and ink, office equipment, printers, hardware, workwear, branded merchandise and print. We can produce your branded workwear and hold it in stock to distribute with your facilities supplies and we can do the same with your branded merchandise and print. Each item can be catalogued and loaded onto your ordering portal and included on your visibility list.


Excel supply into all types of businesses. We have a flexible approach and can adapt to our customer requirements. We can hold and fulfil our customer stock and source special requirements. We will take the strain from your procuremnt team by resolving issues as they arrise allowing procurement to analyse the    


Excel care for the environment and can help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. We like to go far beyond our ISO14000 responsibilities and supply wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden knives and wooden drinks stirrers and eco brands such as Ecover and copier paper derived from managed forests (FSC). We aim to supply everything you need in a single delivery to help reduce your carbon footprint further.

Get In Touch

We believe we have the right solution for your business. We can enable you to have full control on spending for your office supplies and facilities supplies whether it’s in the office or to retail sites throughout the UK. We can reduced your manager and admin time by automating authorisation processes. We can reduce your admin time by reducing expenses and receipts processing and having to pay multiple suppliers. We can reduce stock handling through our fulfilment process.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us please call us on 0345 6460966 and ask for Mark or Ian. Or email

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